Mobile: Overview & Client Dashboard

Once you are logged into TaxDome, you will see your Client Dashboard. You can also access the dashboard at any time by tapping Home. It displays everything that currently requires your attention, such as unpaid invoices, unseen messages, pending organizers, and unread documents. You can also find your firm’s/preparer’s contact information here.

From here, you can:

Your To-Dos

Client Dashboard is designed that way that you’ll never miss any important updates from your firm. You receive notifications on your firm whenever any events occur, and To-Dos on the Dashboard will let you know what status those notifications are in—whether you have gotten around to reviewing them or not.

You will receive notifications when:

  • A firm uploads a document.
  • A firm asks for a document's approval
  • A firm asks to e-sign a document
  • A firm asks to e-sign a contract
  • A firm sends organizer to complete
  • A firms sends a new message.
  • A firms sends a new invoice
  • An invoice is overdue.

Notifications are displayed in chronological order so that the most recent is on the top. Tap the notification to navigate to the appropriate section.

Notifications are removed automatically once the action is completed, e.g., when you read a message, pay an invoice, view documents uploaded by your firm, submit organizer, etc. If something is still need your attention, notification stays in place. For example, if you have started to fill in the organizer, but haven't submitted it, this notification will be displayed.

Quick Actions

While you have separate sections of your portal for dealing with documents, messages, and payments, some frequently used features accessible from the second tab of your Dashboard. From here, you can:

  • Upload files. Read more on this in a separate article.
  • Send a new message to your accountant. Read more on this in a separate article.
  • Make a prepayment. Enter your personal details and your card information, then proceed with the payment.

Review Your Balance

If you have invoices due, the Outstanding Balance is displayed on your Client Dashboard. Here you can also see your credits - money that's available for paying your future invoices.

Get in Touch With Your Accountant

Are you looking for your firm's street address, Facebook page, or phone number? Firm contact details are always available on your Client Dashboard.